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Tokyo Masters and GlobalStar ...... a Winning Combination for your Business

Through our affiliation with the GlobalStar Travel Management Company, Tokyo Masters is much more than just a regional Japanese Travel Agency. With over 75 travel partners worldwide, we now have the ability to significantly improve the level of service for you and your company here in Japan and anywhere in the world.

FareStar allows GlobalStar representatives to search fares from any country, and on every Global Distribution System (GDS), allowing our customers to benefit from the different IATA rules around the world, as well as any discrepancies between the different GDS systems. In a single search, agents can access over one million local market fares from any of their GlobalStar partners in addition to GDS and Internet content

DataStar is a state of the art data consolidation and on-line travel management reporting system. Our DataStar technology gives us unmatched ability to securely collect, consolidate, analyze and report your travel data. We have over 1000 standard reports for you to choose from, giving you the data you need most, whenever you need it. This data, combined with our expert and professional analysis, gives us the ability to identify and implement powerful cost-savings strategy on your behalf.
Coming soon – Online Booking

The use of online booking tools is widespread throughout the world and is gaining acceptance everywhere…..except in Japan. It’s getting ready to happen here, too. Let us show you how it can save you time and money in your travel program, starting today!
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